Friday, 1 April 2011

New Husky Rescue video + remix comp

Hi there.

It's been quite hard to write a blog which generally focuses on new music, when I've been pretty actively trying to avoid new music for a while now. Don't know why, don't know how, but if I want to keep on being the most relevant music person in the universe and keep getting 2 trillion page views per hour, I'd best put my game-underpants back on, step up, take the shot and home-run that the s**t out of that bitch. (apologies if my baseball terminology is incorrect)

OMG I just set fire to my face! Oh s**t!
(haha april fool's, got ya)

So yeah Husky Rescue are re-releasing last year's Ship of Light album as a 3-disk box set extravaganza on April 18th. Look at it, it's so cute!

And coincidently Husky Rescue have just got a new video for their song Fast Lane, off Ship of Light.

OMG my arm just got chopped off in a freak snowball-fight accident!!
(april fool's. Got ya again)

And also coincidently (too many coincidences going around, coincidence?) Husky Rescue have got a remix competition going on. That's right, plucky wannabe remixers can test their might by downloading the stems to the album's singles and making new original tunes from old original tunes.
Such as the likes of this one

Husky Rescue - We Shall Burn Bright (Original) by Catskillsrecords

Go and do so here:

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