Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Flow Festival baby, yeah!

Today it finally happened. The artists for this year's Flow Festival in Helsinki were announced and holy moly is this a wicked awesome day to wake up and breathe in that ever so slightly drizzly air. Yessir! After the show Ruisrock are gonna be putting out this summer it seems Helsinki HAD to go one step further, pull out all the stops and beat its lil' baby euro-culture-capital city and announce the best alternative music festival Finland has ever seen (well at least in my time here).

I think it's pretty safe to say that if the weather ain't gonna be hot, well at least the tunes will. For the full line-up go here:

Now I'm just going to list some of my personal highlights. Incredible.

There's the odd chance I'll see Warpaint in Brighton next month, but I'm still hugely bitter after missing them a year ago, so maybe I'll just see them as many times as I can to make up for it. Oh and because they're brilliant.
Undertow by warpaintwarpaint

Lykke Li should be essential live listening, purely because her first album played such a part in molding this "identity" of mine.
I Follow Rivers by LykkeLi

Hauschka from Germany makes these immensely beautiful piano-driven classical tunes and I've always said people don't listen to classical music enough. Be it because concert halls usually have an awfully stuck up atmosphere or not, I don't know.
Hauschka - Alexanderplatz by Hauschkamusic

Pantha Du Prince (also German) and his amazing Black Noise album kind of became my minimalistic soundtrack of last winter. So looking forward to seeing him do his thang.
The Splendour by Pantha du Prince

These would have been more than enough to secure my 100+whatever euros for the weekend, but no they're also giving us:

James Blake

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti'

and only bloody Kanye West!

Kanye West - Monster .

See you there!

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