Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Errors + Microsoft Encarta

I just realized why I know pretty much everything about everything.

Thanks to Microsoft Encarta 95 I'm actually a genius. Yep, Encarta enlarged my 8-10 year old brain by roughly 300% and it's no coincidence that I keep coming in 4th place in the local pub quiz. 4th place isn't last, sometimes it's not even second to last so obviously the Mindmaze did have some effect on my pre-pubescent neural development. Oh mindmaze how I miss you!

The 'mind maze'

Obviously after finding Encarta again I went on a long old nostalgic trip down computer game memory lane. Remembering stuff I'd forgot even existed. I'm talking Commander Keen, Monkey Island, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, CIVILIZATION II (Oh My GOD!), Heroes of Might and Magic and even Pokemon!

Wow, I wish I could be that awesome nerdy kid again. I feel bad for kids these days who have to play larger than life shoot 'em ups and RPGs with super life-like graphics without needing a controller or even a basic vocabulary. Things have changed since the likes of Police Quest or Leisure Suit Larry, where you had to type in all the commands, and if you didn't know what a 'nightstick' or a 'condom' was you weren't getting anywhere.

Ahem, I was actually supposed to post something about Errors and their new single Magna Encarta. I guess the Encarta in there sidetracked me a little.

Magna Encarta is the first new song by Errors after their Come Down With Me album from last year and it's coupled by the b-side Ganymede. Both tracks are going for a more epic lengthier sound to anything on CDWM, but in no way is this a bad thing. Just different.

Magna Encarta by Errors

The single's up on spotify, but I haven't got the link for it so find it yourself. Kids these days, eh? Need everything done for them. Everything handed on a silver plate. Ptooey.


  1. I remember going to your house and being excited about Encarta, and also Wolfenstein. I actually have Civilization II on my computer. I think I just nerdgasmed.

  2. I know! Living in the same house as Encarta caused a constant state of excitation, one that's probably only now starting to let up.

    Should have maybe added Fallout 2 to that list, seeing as it's one of THE best games ever made, ever.

    It's ace that you've still got CivII, I've wanted to get all loads of old shit back again, but I do fear for my social(?!) life after that.


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