Friday, 8 April 2011


"Drugs are cool." "Just say yes." "There's no harm in Drugs."

These are three quotes that I didn't hear from my parents when growing up.
But you know, I'm a big boy now, and I can decide for myself. I think.

And I think D/R/U/G/S' new Love/Lust 12" totally kills it. Out in May as a physical release, it's already up on Soundcloud to check out.

There's a certain sound going on here that just makes me think:

sweat-drenched late-as-you-can-get dancefloor, drinking Smirnoff ices topped up with vodka just because there isn't anything else to get your hands on but still calling yourself a real man. Dreading the next day because you'll get to sleep 2 hours on the floor of a train and then spend the next day doing team building excercises with people who throw up on you in the middle of the night.


so-early-in-the-morning-that-the-postman's-ashamed-of-your-lumbering-intoxicated-dance-moves. Yeah the sun's been up for hours, but that isn't going to stop you climbing across the ruins of a soon-to-be-demolished bridge naked. Normal people going to work, or walking their dogs, kids pointing at you going "mummy, what's he doing?" as you fall off a longboard, naked.

Good vibes. Good times.

Love / Lust 12" by D/R/U/G/S

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