Sunday, 17 April 2011

Record Store Day hangover

Yesterday was International Record Store Day. Hundreds, thousands maybe even millions of super rare, unique re-pressings of classic albums, singles and EPs were available to spend your precious cash on. But you'd best hurry because that exclusive remix 7" you've always wanted/needed is going, GOING, GONE. Quicker than you can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with a spoonful of sugar in your mouth.


What did you do on Record Store Day 2011?

Maybe you got an ultra deluxe chameleon-esque colour changing Joan Jett vinyl made of, not vinyl, but hummingbird feathers?

Or did you get that "so one-of-a-kind" Justin Timberlake T-shirt that's "so one-of-a-kind" there's only one size and, no, even though you're not anywhere near size XXS damn it you'll still wear it just to show how "Love stoned" you are?

Or did you just get that superace 10" of that mega-rad hardcore punk band doing Scarlett Johansson covers blended with afrobeat and barbershop?

Personally I just played a lot of Tekken 6. So much that my thumb hasn't been this sore since I was 15 (Tekken 3).

Sorry Record Store Day for not joining in this year. But if I've got to choose between eating the next day and getting an exclusive remix 7" then I say food wins. Well at least this year it did.

+ They dispatched my Cymbals LP yesterday. I guess that could as a Record Store Day purchase.

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