Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I'm not really running a tight ship here am I?

One month I'm writing shit-loads of posts and the next month I'm not writing ought.
This is of course a bad way to be, if you want to be mega-cool blogger type.

So today I'll ease my way back into the game by just pointing you in the direction of a couple of "my mates' bands". No literally, they are. But I still like what it is they're doing.

I've already quite stated my fondness of Markus Perttula's tunes, so I won't delve deeper into that. Just give him a listen if you haven't yet.


But I'm pretty sure I've never mentioned Sludge Turkey before. Sludge Turkey are brilliant. Brilliant noise-lovers who can also put together a really tidy groove as can be heard on their track Muff Beat

I love Muff Beat. I love Piers.

Sludge Turkey on Myspace


Eating Paper With Butter is well cool. Putting together sounds that one wouldn't think to go well with one another, but making it like work real nicely. Churning it into some freaky ambient disco.
Eating Paper With Butter on Myspace


Call this a real post or not. This is music that me likes. aight.


  1. I hear 'Deruchette' are pretty good too. For reals.

  2. One can't really get into that on here. Feels inappropriate...


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