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It's great innit?

Facts and the real world are just so boring that you just sometimes wander off into your own little world where you have to save the mushroom-man from a giant fucking eagle with its face covered in diazepam. The images of this are sometimes so shocking that you can't even come back to the boring real world, full of all its facts, even if you wanted to. So stuck in your imaginary in-your-head-world you start giving yourself titles such as Lord Emperor Honeymilk to stop you falling off of chairs. I WISH I HAD SOME NAPKINS BECAUSE MY FACE IS HOT. HOT & WHITE. WHITEHOT. You walk around on stilts made out of jelly beans because the ground's too damn near and too damn solid-looking. Greeting your friends is sometimes terrifying because they've got like knives and frying pans for faces and limbs. Scary.

That was an excerpt from my New York Times bestseller. 'Honey, I shrunk the will to live'

Ha you get it? Ha!
All of that was fiction. I love the world. I love me. There is no such book as HISTWTL.

There are two bands I'ma gonna write about today, that have the word fiction in their names. The first one is plainly Fiction.

Fiction are a London-based quartet who sound like an 80's freakout lead by the Horrors' singer who's listened to Foals. In fact they quite remind me of 70's/80's Australians Whirlywirld. Their songs are heavily bass-driven but that ain't all y'know!
To Stick To is possibly one of the purtiest tracks I've heard this year.

Anyway Fiction have released their debut single Curiosity on Offset Recordings and it's sounding goodgoodgood.

FICTION - Curiosity by tomrobinson

Yous can also Spotify that bitch right here.
Fiction - Curiosity on Spotify

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