Sunday, 27 June 2010


I made it through midsummer without dying. Hopefully you did too.
I'd probably prefer to do the dying thing any other day then midsummer. Especially if it were by drowning.

Such a cliché.

Morbidity aside, I thought it best to either talk about everything I ate during the weekend OR stuff that I listened to recently.

Maybe I'll do both.

We recently installed a pizza oven into our bar in Sauvo. This installation not only seems to be the main attraction making everyone fat over here, but also turning me into something Mr. Edmonds would be proud to have at his house party.

Now food and Mr. Blobby aside, let's talk about Kah.

I've been listening to Kah's debut album More Than Dawn quite enough to say that I'm fond of it.

Kah's bedroom antics have produced this quaint album. She's orchestrated everything you hear present here, which makes it all the more impressive.
What first struck me is that she has such a wispy breathy voice which, while listening with headphones, is hugely penetrating. It feels like everything that is happening is happening right there in the area behind my face. Slightly unnerving, but also effing great.
Many of the songs on More Than Dawn are basically vocals over whatever mallet-instrument with maybe a little guitar in the mix. But she can however whip out a mean funky beat as evident with Fugitive

Fugitive by Kah London

Anyway. More Than Dawn is also on Spotify now so you don't have to deal with all the Myspace/Youtube/Soundcloud hassle.

Kah - More Than Dawn on Spotify


I need you to check out this cover version of The Boss' Dancing In The Dark

Springsteen's 'Dancing in the Dark' by Kah London

Aight, now we're done.

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