Thursday, 3 June 2010

Not To Worry

Yesterday's Owen Pallett gig didn't go quite as planned.
Due to my companion's sudden bout of sickness we thought it best to leave early.

Luckily I'd seen Owen/Final Fantasy before at last years Flow, with him being the last performer of the weekend. Last year he was phenomenal. Yesterday he was that and more.
A smaller, more intimate venue seemed to suit him better.
Oh yeah and of course we'll see him again at this years Flow.

He's a bit like the David Copperfield (The one who walks through colossal walls, not the poor street urchin one)of contemporary violinists. Watching him build up his layers of sound is mesmerising in the sense that watching a magician perform his illusions is too. The climax of this "illusion" was left unseen, as we begrudgedly walked out during 'The Butcher'. one of my favourites btw..


I'm not really going to write about much else now. Except that I've started an ever-growing spotify playlist that I'm going to keep adding to whenever I feel the need to.

Thomas' ever-growing Spotify playlist.

Give it a listen or subscribe or whatnot.

Laterzz y'all

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