Saturday, 5 June 2010

Saturday night's not party night it's 100th post night


I thought it best to celebrate writing my 100th post by showing you this pic.
I'm not sure what the hell it is. But it sort of resembles this blog.
I'm down to two options as to how it resembles AndygoesdowntoChinatown:

1) A butt-ugly piece of shit freak surrounded by beautiful, wonderful, diverse flora (aka the rest of the blogosphere)

2) A lovely little quaint hand-made magic sock-dog-thing living in symbiosis with it's surroundings with just the tiniest of cheeky smiles on it's crazy sock face.


Obvs I can't come on here being all like "I've hit triple figures in writing stuff on virtual paper" without also writing about music. Because, when it comes to the crunch, that's what this little outlet is all about.

Today is about Babeshadow. Yes they have (not universal opinion, just mine.) a shit name, Yes, they may be named after a T.Rex song. Who knows? But me thinks thems is still in my good books.

Babeshadow have just released their 4-song Sea Serpents EP and are already getting quite some radio time. (not here in Finland, of course).

Sounding like a mixture of Cold War Kids, Starsailor and Delta Spirit this perhaps isn't anything incredibly groundbreaking, but shit off if I still think it's ace.

It also seems that myspace have got a new music player that enables some sort of new embedding function.

Trying to use that, here's some of the tracks.

Sea Serpents by BABESHADOW

Every Heart (demo) by BABESHADOW

And just to be on the safe side here's the spotify link too. Oh I do treat you, you know.

Babeshadow - Sea Serpents Ep

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