Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Crystal Castles - Suffocation (Memory Tapes remix)

Ok so when two smaller awesomes combine, the ending results can only be a larger, more fulfilling awesome.

This is what happened when Memory Tapes went a did a remix of Crystal Castles track 'Suffocation'

Here's the original

and here's the tidy new reworking of it. Tis a wee bit less Crystal Castlesy (I guess that's the point with remixes) and more vocal orientated.

Now what you do now is go to Memory Tape's blog and download it.
Wierdtapes Blog


  1. Have you heard the Thurston Moore 'remix' of Celestica? Not half bad either.

  2. Ya. It is also tres good. A bit like a completely different tune. innit.


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