Monday, 28 June 2010


Once upon a time I saw a film called Where The Wild Things Are.

It was good. The film itself was hugely entertaining and the soundtrack perhaps even more entertaining.

Karen O and the Kids - Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack on Spotify

So get this right, when I put my ears towards Canadian rapper/Mc Emay's take of the WTWTA soundtrack, it damn near blew my ears off.

Keeping a lot of the Karen parts and adding some ridiculously tasty beats to it is a working formula. Here's CAPSIZE to get you into the gist of what I'm saying.

The whole she-bang can be downloaded for no money whatsoever right there on Emay's Bandcamp site. Check it out

After well getting into that album, I thought I might as well check out his other stuff too. Well glad I did that!

Listened to his collab EP with Ivan Ice called Sounds Like and straight off fell for the Grizzly Bear sampling Get Ready!.

I'm not going to start comparing the sounds to other hip hop acts as to not expose my obvious lack of knowledge in that music department, but what I will say is that Ze Drums (feat. C4) is shit hot! Ok maybe C4 sounds a wee bit like Chali 2 na. How's that for a comparison?

<a href="">Ze Drums (feat. C4) by Ivan Ice &amp; Emay</a>


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