Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Marshall Headphones: On the Road

When the good people at Vice Magazine got in touch about their new show "On the Road" I was genuinely intrigued. Not least because it was them who got in touch with me. Hah, and I always thought Vice was supposed to be cool.

Anyway, seeing as my baby cousin's completely enamoured by everything Vice-related I thought I could break away from my busy-doing-fuck-all schedule and check it out.

"On The Road" is about roadies. The road crew. You know, those people who always dart about live gigs on stage fiddling around with all the instruments carrying loads of stuff?

How many times has it happened when you've been to a gig and it's about to start. All the spotlights are pointed at the stage and the background music's turned off. All systems are go. 
Enter the stage a couple of scruffy guys in band t-shirts who take up the mics and instruments. In your intoxicated little head you think this must obviously be the band you've been waiting your entire life to see and you make this banshee-like shriek: "I LOVE YOU FLORENCE AND YOUR MACHINE". 
Nope, never at any point did you notice anything wrong with Florence's oversized beard and hair.

Roadies are the unsung heroes. The people who make shit work. And that's what On The Road's about. People who make shit work. Oh and it's hosted by Jesse Hughes from Eagles Of Death Metal who may be one of the coolest guys out there.

Here's Episode 1 where Jesse meets up with Queens of the Stone Age to talk about their experiences with the road crew.

Initially this video started playing automatically. I did a bit of html magic and now it doesn't and I'm quite proud of myself now. Show me some love.

Check out all the episodes at

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