Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Russian Circles - Empros

Just as I'm about to write this day off as just another one of those days where I've accomplished absolutely nothing worthwhile I come across Russian Circles' new album "Empros". Not that listening to Empros would class as much of an accomlishment, but it's certainly worthwhile.

Russian Circles' last album "Geneva" was and still is one of my favourite albums of all time. Hell, I've even had a Russian Circles poster on my wall for the past 3 years.

Where Geneva was beautiful (it even had string instruments) and lulled you into a state of post-rock induced bliss, this time around it seems they're also slightly more forthcoming and ready to whip out that metal background of theirs. Right from the off with opener "309" and its raging guitars and drums.

If post-metal sounds slightly scary to you, don't fret because Empros has it's Geneva-esque gorgeous cinematic moments too.

If this were "true metal" we probably wouldn't be here right now. Me and metal, we just don't see eye to eye. I think it's the vocals that usually put me off. Or that "attitude". The people who listen to it, the "metalheads" have got way too much "attitude"

I know this metalhead guy and every time I see him (which is quite a lot, some might say maybe too much, because he's a regular at the bar I work at) we have the exact conversation:

(Him) - Hey man.
(Me) - Hey yourself.
(Him) - So, well, um you listened to the new Children of Bodom album yet?
(Me) - No.
(Him) - Oh.
(Me) - Uhhuh, anything else?
(Him) - Well, um....
(Me) - ......
(Him) - ......
(Me) - You listened to Of Montreal's 'The Gay Parade' yet?
(Him) - Um, no I don't think I have.
(Me) - Stop talking to me then.

Reading that,  I actally think it's me who's got the attitude. What a bastard. Gonna change my ways so I just went out and bought the entire Cradle of Filth discography.

  Schiphol by RussianCircles

  Atackla by RussianCircles

Stream Empros here: http://russiancircles.bandcamp.com/releases

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