Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Soundcloud Showcase (Monarchy, 65daysofstatic, Oneohtrix Point Never, KXP)

Here we go folks. A super hot, new and perhaps even recurring theme here on my blog now. Something I'm just gonna call Soundcloud Showcase, because it sounds snazzy and very "now".

In fact it's basically what I've been doing all along ie. posting new tunes off of Soundcloud that I personally love.

- Does that sound like something you might be interested in?
- Well I hope so, because it's all I've got.

So what's a better way to get this party started by posting a hot little summery dance number on a cold, Wednesday morning in November, seeing as I have it on good authority that Wednesdays are the new Saturdays and winter is the new summer.

Anyway, Monarchy came out with their debut album earlier this year, "Around the Sun" is exactly what you've been looking for if "exactly what you've been looking for" is something to fill that chart-friendly electro-pop sized hole in your heart that was left by Hurts only really having one decent song.
Monarchy's bass player obviously thought it wasn't enough to be "exactly what you're looking for" and went on to remix one of the best tracks on the album to make it even better. That's a whole load of better-ness right there. This is Vivien's remix of Monarchy's "You Don't Want To Dance With Me".
Play it, download it, love it.

Monarchy - You Don't Want To Dance With Me (VIVIEN Remix) by AndygoesdowntoChinatown


65daysofstatic are generally known for their energetic break-neck speed post rock bangers or not known at all, depending on who you are. But now they're on to something special, live-soundtracking the 1972 "classic" movie Silent Running. Not a lot of people tend to do this kind of thing these days, do they?

If the first released song "Burial Scene" is anything to believe, it seems 65dos have ditched the techno-vibes and whipped out the entire Explosions in the Sky discography


Slight change in style is also something Oneohtrix Point Never's gone through. After his ace little sidetrack with Joel Ford earlier this year to make the fantastic "Channel Pressure" album, Daniel Lopatin is back to his OPN alias and blessing us with an entirely piano driven slow number "Replica". Not to worry though. The trademark 80's style pulsating buzzsaw-synths are still there and still going strong. As ever with this guy, listening to him brings back memories of that bit where you're stuck in Metal Gear Solid. You know that bit where you have to plug in and play with controller 2 so that levitating psychic motherfucker can't "read your thoughts". Best day of my life when I got past that bit.


And finally for today, Finnish kings of drone KXP have got a new tune out. It's the title track from their up and coming 3-track "Easy" EP which celebrates the band's signing to Manchester label Melodic Records. Featuring more vocals than probably their entire debut album put together this is a song you'll find either brilliant or super annoying.

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