Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Black Keys - Lonely Boy (new song)

I mentioned yesterday that I've got a Russian Circles poster on my wall so carrying on that subject why not talk about The Black Keys, of whom I've got 2(!!! fanboy alert) posters up, and their new up 'n' coming album "El Camino" which is out at the start of December. Just in time for Christmas. If you for some reason feel an imcomprehesible urge to get me a copy of El Camino, that's all fine. Just make sure it's a signed copy on gold-flake infused vinyl. Otherwise you ain't getting anything in return.

The duo are getting word out there with first single "Lonely Boy". Perfect vintage Black Keys. Dirty guitars and the kind of chorus that would have you sell everything you own just to buy a guitar and a plane ticket to the deep south swamps of America. Personally I haven't done that yet because I still haven't seen every single episode of Entourage, but the way things are going I'll be there soon.

  The Black Keys - Lonely Boy by The Black Keys

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