Monday, 10 October 2011

What a day. (Burial, Massive Attack, Martyn, Rustie)

What a day yesterday was for us lot who love electronic music. Loads of new releases means there's gonna be that much less spare time to do anything other than just listen in awe.

First off is of course the new Massive Attack and Burial collab "Four Walls" that got aired on Mary Ann Hobb's radio show last night. "Four Walls" is the A-side of the super limited 12" that features two Burial mixes of Massive Attack tunes.

B-side "Paradise Circus" is off MA's last album "Heligoland", whereas "Four Walls" is a never-before-heard unreleased piece. So feast your ears on it below. Burial's reworking is exactly the kind of late night ghost walk we've come to expect. No seriously, I should have slept a lot more last night, but there I was listening to it again and again.

If you were in the intention of purchasing said 12", it would set you back roughly 25 quid but hey that ain't nothing if you take into account the fact it's made of solid gold and unicorn tears. That's how special this baby is.


Yesterday also marked the day the Dutch master (no not Edwin van der Sar) Martyn (possibly a pseudonym of Edwin's) released his new album "Ghost People". Martyn says his music doesn't categorize under house, dubstep, techno or D 'n' B because it is simply Martyn-music.
Martyn-music's fine by me if it sounds this sweet.

Mixmag are doing us all a favour by streaming the whole thing. You'll want to check out "Masks". This tune is a fucking beast.


And seriously as if that wasn't enough for one day, Rustie comes along and bangs out his debut LP "Glass Swords", so expect some crazy Hudson Mohawke -styled playful, all over the place beats.
Rustie's a Scottish guy who's apparently 28 but looks about 12 so I'm just gonna average those two and say he's 20 which makes "Glass Swords" phenomenal stuff from such a young kid.
The whole album's being streamed over at The Guardian. Enjoy.

Also don't forget to "enjoy" the album cover which kind of brings up images of two futuristic penises (one vastly inferior) having a little cuddle in the desert while the sun goes down. That's pretty deep stuff, man.

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