Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Soundcloud Showcase (The Doldrums, Shells, Hard Mix and a Balam Acab remix)

Bringing back the mighty Soundcloud Showcase again with some more mighty fine tracks you just simply NEED to hear. I've been a bit ill/a bit hungover/watching way too much Entourage to write this post any earlier than now, which is why you might be thinking: "Hey, this is yesterday's news!"

If that's what you're thinking, it means you're obvs way too pretentious anyway...

On to the goods then mi amigos. (I've just started studying Spanish, and that was a little taster of my mad skillz)

I know nothing about the next band The Doldrums and don't intend to find out about them until this post's been written. Lazy journalism yes, but it's all good because I'm hardly the journalist. Y'see, these days I'm just a guy who embeds flippin' Soundcloud clips.

"I'm Homesick Sittin' Up Here In My Satellite" is a catchy tune. In fact as tunes go, it's pretty much a fishing hook made of Velcro  That's how catchy it is.

You want more?

This tune's so contagious that I heard Danny Boyle's thinking of making a film about it called "2.33 minutes later".

 Doldrums - I'm Homesick Sittin' Up Here In My Satellite by NO PAIN IN POP


We're at that point where the entire world's making remixes of Lana Del Rey's "Video Games", and why shouldn't they? Video Games is an ace tune.

Balam Acab are usually categorized somewhere between Witch House and Post-Dubstep but their remix of Video Games is a wondrously lush track, rich in soft textures with only the slightest modifications on Lana's vocals, which were the main focus point on the original version too.


Shells is a bedroom producer from The UK, whose previous Bret Easton Ellis themed works (Lunar Park EP) have been big ol' favourites of mine. Now he's got a new 2-track EP out Arctic b/w Spiders. I'm pretty sure neither track name is an Easton Ellis reference and I can't think of any other piece of literature it might refer to either. (I thought this was your thing Mr. Shells) Perhaps the closest we can get is my yet-unreleased book: Tundra Tarantulas - A cool arachnid love story.

If you're a fan of Four Tet, Bonobo and Seams, odds are you'll love this too.

 Arctic by shells 


To end this post on a high, we've got a 10-minute house jam of epic proportions courtesy of South Carolina's Hard Mix. "I Wonder Why You Cry" is a huge track. Using vocal chops from The Originals' "Baby I'm For Real" and Thelma Houston's disco classic "Don't Leave Me This Way" (also heard on Pariah's "Orpheus") to create a wicked kind of shoutback feel to the tune. Banging.

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