Friday, 7 October 2011

Lana Del Rey with a teeny bit of Jamie Woon

You just know this girl is gonna be huge. With an already crazy amount of radio play for her new single 'Video Games' which isn't actually physically released until october 9th things should only get bigger for Lana Del Rey or Lizzy Grant amongst friends. Video Games is a simply beautiful song. Haunting and subtle at the same time. She's also got a knack for ace videos. Both the videos for 'Video Games' and b-side 'Blue Jeans' are montages of old footage mixed with new ones to create a kind of retrophile pornography. It seems as though I'm not her only fan though, because Jamie Woon's gone and remixed Video Games and given it his own very recognizable sheen. Sounding perhaps a little bit too much like Lana's vocals superimposed onto Lady Luck . Nevertheless it's pretty damn sexy. Lana Del Rey - Video Games - Jamie Woon Remix by woon If you weren't aware of recent developments, Jamie Woon is returning to Helsinki after his triumphant set at this summer's Flow Festival and is playing Helsinki's Circus on November 28th 

1 comment:

  1. I'm so bad with female voices. But this. Luv.


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