Friday, 28 January 2011

Cold War Kids, Oh Dear

What happened?

I had a dream that one day the Cold War Kids would return with an album to rule all albums. But it would obviously have to be in the same mould as Robbers and Cowards because it's still the best thing they've released. Things even looked promising after last years Behave Yourself EP, but then the band decided to recruit producer Jacquire King [of Kings of Leon fame (later albums)] to help them out with their new album Mine is Yours.
Obviously the band felt it was time for them to hit the big stage, sell out massive stadiums and what-not. Provide bread for their kids. Get their faces on Q, Mojo and Rolling Stone covers.

Like the title Louder Than Ever suggests the album does sound big. In fact it sounds positively huge. But so did Kings of Leon's Only By The Night when it came out. Mine is Yours uses a lot of the same elements as OBTN. So many in fact I had to do a double check to see what I was listening to. Now you can make your own mind up whether this is a good move from Nathan Willett and co.

Mine is Yours just leaves me missing the raw qualities of We Used to Vacation and Hospital Beds but it does have the feel of a grower. So for now I'm just going to pop on Robbers & Cowards and have a good time.


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