Monday, 7 February 2011

Tenerife + Esben & The Witch

Ok, so I was in Tenerife. You can make all the jokes about it you want, but at the end of the day (unfortunately for you guys) I didn't stay there. So here I am back again, without sunburn, without tan and without money.

I'm also fairly acquainted with cockroaches now. Cockroaches, those Jeff Probsts of the animal kingdom. You always hear stories of how cockroaches can survive nuclear wars and stuff, and will easily outlive the human race. However they were all dying up there in my bedroom. Honestly sometimes going to the toilet at night was like a scene from Starship Troopers.

Besides all these things I had Esben & The Witch's debut album Violet Cries waiting for me in vinyl for when I got back. I've mentioned the band several times but if you're anything like me you can't get enough of the Brighton trio who were nominated in the top 15 for BBC's sounds of 2011. They didn't win the poll, but with a sound that could be described loosely as "marginal" it's hardly surpising that the title went to the slightly more "club 'n' radio friendly" Jessie J.

You'll have a hard time picking a hot single from the album because the whole thing's about creating an atmosphere that's a bit like Zola Jesus washing Andrew Lloyd Webber's white laundry but sticking in one black sock full of suppressed anger and a quiet growing horror that leaves it's dark stain on everything. But you know, in a great kind of way.

Second single Warpath has a new video. I think the guy in it is supposed to be me after the first cockroach encounter

For being such a good boy and pre-ordering Violet Cries I also got a "bonus super exclusive super bonus CD" with previously released, but incredibly hard to get hands on a physical copy, Lucia, at the Precipice. Yay. Also the 65daysofstatic's electrofying remix of Lucia is well worth having a listen to.

Esben & The Witch - Lucia, At The Precipice (65daysofstatic remix)

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  1. Esben & The Witch - Lucia, At The Precipice (65daysofstatic remix): brooding.


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