Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Brute Chorus

I guess Grinderman's latest record and Nick Cave's never ending musical spotlight brought a bunch of other bands with a similar kind of distinguishable sound to my knowledge. Last year we had the brilliant Erland & the Carnival, and this year I've got to add The Brute Chorus
to my list of "Cave-Wave" sounds.

The boys have now released three singles from their stampeding, off-kilter blues-fusion second album How The Caged Bird Sings.
To give you an idea of what their sound is listen to the album closer Heaven

or the equally good Could This Be Love?

As genres go, some seem more easily remixable than others. Cave-Wave doesn't seem the easiest route to achieve remix acclaim, but Awesome New Republic have done a great job remixing The Brute Chorus' new single Birdman which is set for release tomorrow. Have a listen:

The Brute Chorus - Birdman (ANR remix)

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