Thursday, 13 January 2011


Hi there!

I'm back with from my trip with a bunch of new records. Now if I could only score that long awaited DJing gig anywhere in the world I would be laughing.

A bit like: Ha Ha HE HE
Check it out, I've already got this picture of me and a really small guy laughing at the sea.
The sea is hilarious. Seriously, I mean look at it.

So in honour of this return I made a Spotify playlist of the stuff I purchased/received.
New, old, blue, borrowed. Whatever they are here they are. (Obvs. I had to make a few compromises making the list seeing as daddy spotify doesn't have EVERYTHING on it. (Yes I mean you Mount Kimbie's Crooks & Lovers)

Listen to my superduper online virtual DJ mix online here now. YES

and if anyone asks then yes Pariah was brilliant. Even Girl Unit's Wut sounded pretty stonking. London treated me kindly. Brighton even more so. Lovely times.

This is not the last of me I assure you, because I've obviously had loads of time to listen to new music and for some reason have recently been getting quite a lot of e-mails from wherever about interesting new tunes. So keep your eyes open babes.


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