Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Got something for you if you're tired of hearing the same Hurts/Ellie Goulding songs on t'radio.

Depending on who Barry Mopp aka. MOPP has been making tunes with, these songs could be your new favourite male vocal/female vocal electropop songs.

I'm not saying you necessarily need new favourite electropop songs. You could need some new dark and shouty nu-metal favourites or some amazing aboriginal ska reccommendations. If that's the case then I'm sorry to disappoint you and you google searches of "dark and shouty nu-metal" or "amazing aboriginal ska" because you won't get those here. But if electropop's your game, then be sure to check out this Scottish songsmith tunes.

and it wasn't long ago that he released his latest single Dream About You via Euphonios

Oh and if you can be arsed, check out his remix of Phoenix's 1901 on his Myspace. It is seriously heavy

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