Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Grass House

Just gotten into the these fellas and their three track EP Plough More Sky.

(haha, sorry about the pathetic size of the pic, but if you squint hard enough you'll see the EP's cover art)

Hailing from London, Grass House sound dark. Grass House sound ominous. Grass House sound like they need a murder ballad or two just to wake up every morning.

listen to Plough More Sky on Spotify


news has reached me saying that their new single Lazy Bones is a slowed down track that sounds like it could be heard at a rather depressing and eerie circus. But I do mean "depressing" and "eerie" in the best possible kind of way. A bit like Tom Waits' Black Rider, this has a certain unnatural carnival vibe to it. something like this:

Download Grass House's Lazy Bones single from here

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