Monday, 8 November 2010

How To Dress Well - Love Remains

My long time fave How To Dress Well, or HTDW if you're lazy, has released his full length debut album Love Remains.

Featuring a bunch of songs from his free downloadable EPs as well as a handful of new actual studio recorded songs, Tom Krell seems like he's bearing his soul to us lucky listeners. You'll be drawn in and captivated by a kind of lo-fi blizzard, haunted by the soaring vocals and cries which form the most compelling atmosphere. These songs have the feel of tremendous yearning. It's possible that they aren't even sad or wanting or even romantic (they are), but personally I can't help falling for these songs and feeling for Mr. Krell and whatever kind of heartache/pain he's been going through.
I kind of also feel like patting him on the back and saying: "There, there. Everything's gonna be alright." But that would probably cause some kind of change in his musical style, which could result in something horrible, jolly and stupid. A bit like Oh No Ono, and no-one wants that do they?

If you were to purhase the vinyl LP, say via Lefse Records, you'd even get a bonus track Kidnap City to show off with. As if the album itself wasn't enough.

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