Friday, 19 November 2010

Kinnie The Explorer

A friend of mine is spending an exchange year in Bournemouth. Apparently it's alright down there but then again some might say it's just a second-rate Brighton. (Could also be Worthing, I can't remember)

However there's nothing second-rate about Bournemouth boys Kinnie The Explorer and their incredibly mature sounding post-punk gems. I don't think my friend has heard of Kinnie The Explorer, but I have and that's all your interested in really, innit?

I reckon these fellas are still well young (this coming from me seeing a few pics of theirs) but they already have the distinct sense of purpose to their sounds and the interplaying between band members is just wonderful. And um.., er...

Sorry for the above paragraph. I was trying to write something that sounded meaningful and important, like other writers (real writers) do but not a lot really ever comes out. I'll just stick to writing either "I love this music" or "I hate this shit" from now on.

Kinnie The Explorer: I love this music.


They've got a bunch of songs available for download here

I gotta shoot off to work, but you (all) have a good weekend

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