Thursday, 5 August 2010

Top Girls

I came across Top Girls by chance. And what a piece of chance that was.

Not the easiest name to google. I got all sorts of top 10 lists of nude female celebrities before I found my way back to the Myspace page I was searching for.
Needless to say I was diverted by all the lists of nude females. Easy mistake.

All of a sudden I'm listening to cheesy 80's porn music instead of gorgeous harmonised vocals layered over distorted drum loops.

Well at least there was boobs.

Boobs are great.

But yes as I kind of mentioned a bit further up. Top Girls has a tendency towards mixing proper nasty distorted beats, wonderful vocal harmony and synth "arps" you'd expect to find on dancefloor bangers (although slightly toned down). Dancefloor bangers these tunes however aren't. Pondering, eerie and slightly unnerving is how I'd describe Top Girls music.

Great stuff. Especially after yesterday's storm.

Anyway. Do what you do. At least listen to Faded Feeling
Faded Feeling by Top Girls

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