Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Forest Swords

The postal service (not the music makers) has yet again excelled and brought me my copy of Forest Swords' Dagger Paths

My missus asked me what kind of music Forest Swords is. I told her Four Tet meets dubstep. That description isn't perhaps entirely correct. What I should have said is Burial goes forwards in time and becomes obsessed with some of the ancient lo-fi recordings of this day and age.

What's present on Dagger Paths is short vocal clips á la Burial, dark, brooding basslines and distant guitar lines forming together to make a haunting post-dubstep record.

Forest Swords aka. Matthew Barnes has also included his take on Aaliyah's If Your Girl Only Knew.

Here's the original if you were wondering how the two versions were different

If you hadn't heard of Forest Swords before and this post (unlikely) got you itching for more, but you're skint and can't buy his stuff then quickly get onto spotify and check out his new single Rattling Cage

Forest Swords - Rattling Cage on Spotify

Here's Glory Gongs to round off this post of amazing experimental folk step/dubtronica/psych-whateveronica

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