Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Fail. Maybe epic. Maybe piss off.

I say I hate a lot of things, but in all honesty I don't think it's all hate. Maybe just dislike or some form of irritance.

When I for instance say that I hate Liberty Ale, I don't mean that I hate it. I just mean that I wouldn't drink more than one of them because it's got too much of a bitter aftertaste for me.

What I do however hate is people who use the meme "fail" like it's the greatest conversational input man has ever invented during it's 100 years or so of speaking in tongues.

No matter where, no matter when. Someone HAS to pipe up and say "fail" after any kind of occurance.
Maybe after sipping on a said Liberty Ale and voicing how I think it's a tad too bitter, someone might say: "Fail! It's exactly bitter enough."
Now what the hell has "fail" got to do with that?
Nothing. Yes my T2R taste receptors might express bitterness in a different manner to yours. Hardly qualifies as a win OR a fail really.

I hate it even more when something becomes an EPIC fail. To qualify as epic, the fail should be of EPIC proportions. So perhaps tripping over my shoelaces isn't quite of that said magnitude. Maybe if you were Bruce Willis about to save the world from a seemingly apocalyptical asteroid by blowing it up BUT you forgot to take your bomb with you. That could be classed as an EPIC FAIL.

But please. Please. You don't have to tell me that.

There's the rant.
Here's the music.

I like it. It's Fol Chen's In Ruins.
Nothing to do with failing.

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