Monday, 9 August 2010

Summer Hits (again)

The summer's been scorchio, stormy and busy. It was pointed out to me that next weekend (Flow Festival) is the first weekend off work I've had all summer. Kind of feel a lot like The Young Knives did back in 2006.

Seeing as the summer is pretty much officially over I'd rather not dwell that far back in the past, so I thought about some of the cracking tunes of this summer.

My #1 song of the summer is without a doubt Baths' frankly outstanding track Hall

I'm so looking forward to getting the Cerulean LP hopefully later this month. It's promising to be a smash hit at my alone-at-home dj set. Kind of like 2010's Passion Pit

Next up is Grum's banging remix of Everything Everything's MY KZ YR BF. The original is already wicked good, but Grum just takes it to another level. A must-like for those who love french-sounding electro. (You know who you are)

Whahey! What about Miami Horror's latest offering? Holy guacamole if I Look To You (Feat. Kimbra) isn't just a ridiculously good party tune.

The list could go on. But it doesn't.

It might. Later.

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