Wednesday, 25 August 2010

More Dinosaurs (Dinosauruxia)

Ok so once upon a time there was Flow Festival right.

On the sunday, if you'd gone through all the trouble of waking up early aka. noon-ish you had the option of seeing two finnish artists that I'd been quietly anticipating.
Yona & Liikkuvat Pilvet or Dinosaruxia

Seeing as it was more of a laid back "family" day we opted for sitting outside in the sunshine and listening to Yona and her sort of Iskelmä-folk.

So yeah. We missed out on Dinosauruxia, who not only have a well cool name but also some cool tunes to go with the name.

Now the girls have got their 7" single Safe out in shops and the likes.
Sounds a wee bit Zola Jesus-ey

Oh and on Spotify too

The single has the MISF*TS remix on it too.


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