Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Merry après Christmas

HO HO HO peeps!
How y'all doing after that festive period?
I know I've been eating like a scummy greedy chocolate muncher. Yummy yummy.
Things have been going good in Brighton so far. Managed to get at least one overwhelming hangover and isn't that always the sign of a banging holiday?
Crashed some random persons (not Jesus) birthday party as well but can't really tell y'all more about it 'cos I honestly can't remember it.

I've got my fingers crossed in anticipation of what 2010 is got in store for me and the lovely lovely city of Turku...
Got tickets to see Florence and the machine in March at Tavastia so at least I've got that to look forward to. Whooh.

So yeah last Wednesday went to the Freebutt for the release party for OIB records Christmas compilation 'Krampus is coming'

OIB records have got some very good and very versatile acts on their label. The better known bands being Casiotone for the Painfully alone who actually played the same venue the night before. Total bummer I missed this, Electropunk boys The Death Set whose gig at Redrum I was gutted to miss during the summer and AndygoesdowntoChinatown favourites Lovvers. Lovvers played Turun Klubi last January and even though there was only a handful of people in the crowd the bands energy was massive.

Blahblahblah I'm going on and on again.
I'd have loooved to take pictures but. I didn't. Get over it.
Wednesdays gig had the following line up:

This four-piece was down to three members but still managed to be extremely cutesycute. And I loved the drummers pleading looks towards the other members like she wasn't entirely sure what she was doing. Beautiful voice and otherwise very nice performance. Very Belle & Sebastian-ey, not a bad thing at all.

My Device
A Brighton based noise-generating trio definitely were lively during their slot, layering lots of distortion onto some nice drumming. Had it's moments with some nifty riffs from the singer/guitarist. Harsh to say but ultimately quite average.

Curly Hair
Now this lot were my favourites. Lovely arrangements for the violin (the violin player was apparently just standing in for the real one who couldn't make the show. Brilliant!) and very catchy melodies. Highlight of the night and I haven't been able to stop listening to them on spotify since. Would not mind seeing these again sometime soon.

The Hornblower brothers
I didn't mind these lot at all. In fact I had a great time just following what the bass player had to say, because he must have been if not Alan Carr then definitely his son! Good stuff from the Brighton band, sometimes teetering on the dangerous verge of ska-punk. If there's one thing in the world that f##ks me right off it's ska! AARGH the memories of doing my national service and the lad sleeping on top bunk listening to the f####ng Skatalites every night.

I probably had something more to write about but can't remember.
Need to go now. Maybe have beer. Coolio
Here's to waiting for 2010!

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