Sunday, 13 December 2009

almost christmas...

As a general rule, I fucking hate waiting. Probably goes for almost everyone I suppose.
Only just recently have I started not wetting myself in anticipation of christmas. Don't get me wrong, it's still a wicked holiday. Good for a bit of family time and hearing/watching Bono and Geldof do another version of 'Do They Know It's Christmas'.
Anyway waiting for something you really want is torture like nothing else. Well chinese water torture is probably torture like nothing else. Waiting for something new by Late of the Pier was somewhere between the two.
Fantasy Black Channel was just ridiculous. And amazing.
From the bed-slat banging and tea cup tapping on The Bears are Coming to the Queen-esque operatics on Bathroom Gurgle the whole album spans the whole genre 'playing field' like a seasoned pro.
So the on the 23rd of November Zane Lowe plays the brand new track 'Blueberry' by noneother than Late of the Pier on BBC Radio 1. YAY!
Here's the youtube link:
Late of the Pier - Blueberry

As soon as it starts it so obviously LOTP, synths layers and drums... but then stop all that. It becomes a lost Beatles track with just the vocals, drums and guitars. Bring in some Bowie and there it is again: LOTP.
Nice tune but apparently the album is nowhere near ready so whether or not this'll satisfy my LOTP hunger until it is ready remains to be seen.

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