Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Wednesday in the countryside.

What a cool cool week i've had so far. Cool as in really really cold.
I'm in Sauvo (population 2700) and it's pumping...
The reason for this sudden dip in cultural surroundings = free eating á la mummy-man.
I'm off to England next week so I need the money.
I keep losing my internet connection every two minutes, which is a bit frustrating so I end up ¨having to watch¨ Prison Break: Season 65, episode 34. It's either that or trudge around in the snow lifting tree trunks and pulling horse carriages in anticipation of an epic boxing match against Dolph Lundgren and the Soviet Union. Goddamn those commies.

Hmm. Made a Spotify playlist. Can't listen to it through lack of connection.
Oh well I've got a guitar here with 4 intact strings (no it's not a bass). sexy ballads ahoy!


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