Monday, 21 December 2009

Brighton town


I left the harsh cold snowy winter of Finland today for the hopefully sunny coast of Brighton.
Landing at Gatwick I looked out of the plane window and honestly I thought we must have turned around and come back to Helsinki. Snowy fields and trees everywhere. Eeesh the weathers horrible here aswell.

Bollocks to the weather though, I want to talk about Violet Violet. The Norwich based grrrl duo released their second album 'This City is Full of Beasts' last month getting rave reviews in magazines such as Artrocker.


Following up 2007 album Bitchbox and it's wicked moustache cover, Violet Violet draws comparisons to Le Tigre (<3) and sometimes brings to mind Finnish crowdpleasers Pintandwefall. Me likey and if you don't then we're going to fall out.

Here's a video. Violet Violet - Love this band

Good to be in England, but I need to see some gigs, because it isn't going to happen back in Turku. I noticed 'The Hornblower Brothers' are playing on wednesday so will probably check that out. More on that later.
Now it's time for beddybyes
Laterz y'all

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