Saturday, 12 December 2009

Clean Equations

Over the summer I had the pleasure of getting to see Vivian Girls and A Place to Bury Strangers live. In Finland. Wow! Both gigs were spot on. Vivian girls were at Flow festival in Helsinki and just sounded so good. Not to mention the fact that on-stage the guitarist and bass player looked proper fit! APtBS played at Klubi in Turku. Quite a small venue and quite empty which was a shame because it's rare we get anyone decent playing in our little city. A lot of people left during the gig and later I heard from someone there that they found it way too loud and frustrating how they kept building up the songs to end up amounting to nothing. For a band that's been given the title "Loudest band in New York" I don't find it too surprising that the music might even be a bit loud.

Anyway the reason why I brought this up is because I like these two bands, imagine my delight when I found a compilation LP with both of these bands on it + loads of bands i'd never heard of before from the brooklyn music scene and thereabouts.

Apparently only 500 copies of this were printed so I consider myself privileged to have it. And after listening to it, one band firmly stuck to my mind:
Clean Equations. I had to listen to their myspace and turns out they've only got just over 1000 listens. They've got 6 songs on their profile.
The song thats on State Capital Records Field Recording called French Noise Piece features some tidy drumming and and a wicked wicked chorus.
The pretty piano-driven songs like Ohio Turnpike and Alison leave me wanting more. Turns out they've just released an EP. Coolio. Check them out.

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