Saturday, 12 December 2009

My Tiger my Timing


I've been giving the new Kitsune compilation 8 a lot of my time lately and i've got to say i'm left feeling a bit dissapointed. Fair Play it's got some tunes on it.
Memory Tapes - Bicycle is one hell of a tune

The Drums - Let's go surfing is also a banger. Kinda like a whistling Vampire Weekend. I got their Summertime EP about a month ago and it sounds fresh as hell. Shame it's not summer so can't blast this out whilst actually on the beach swimming but pretending to surf.

les corps mince de francoise - Something Golden. Seen these girls a couple of times now and haven't been dissapointed yet. but HOW LONG CAN IT TAKE TO RELEASE AN ALBUM?!
LCMDF have been hyped about for a couple of years or so but still no sign of a LP.

My favourite track on Kitsune 8 is My Tiger My Timing - I Am the Sound with it's upbeat synths and a beat that's bound to shake up some dancefloors.

Other than that I feel Kitsune 8 is a bland mass of generic electro. Heartsrevolution have some cracking tunes but "dance till dawn" doesn't really do it for me. Shame. Check out "switchblade" instead.

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