Saturday, 11 December 2010

Sinéad O'Connor

I grew up in a world where the name Sinéad O'Connor was automatically associated with Nothing Compares 2 U. As I've gotten older that same association has always stuck and I've never felt any interest or compulsion to find out if there is more to the Irish songstress.
No matter how beautiful a song Nothing Compares is, there is always the cringe-factor whenever you or someone else plays that song.
In fact I'm having a really hard time trying to think of a moment where it might be socially acceptable to play Nothing Compares. Definitely not a wedding.

What happened to Sinéad to give her this kind of "cult" status? Or has she even got this kind of status and that I'm just generalising my own thoughts?

Through a random series of events I've broken down the lifelong boundaries separating me and Sinéad. Starting with her debut album Lion and the Cobra.
Parts of Lion and the Cobra sound as though, if made today, would automatically sign to Matador Records and get called Glasser's Ring.
The same ethereal, haunting textures are there but only 23 years earlier. Obviously it has dated slightly and sounds irreparably 80's but if I've learned something from this year in music is that the 80's has come back to haunt us.

I should have some final, grand, concluding paragraph, but all I have is one destroyed prejudice and this video:

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