Thursday, 2 December 2010


Minks are dangerous animals. Here in Finland they're very brutally killed by mink hunters who live for no other reason then to bathe in mink-blood. Usually they're hung-drawn and quartered, I think because Braveheart had just come out on VHS when the mink epidemy started. Not even girls who dress as foxes can/want to save the minks. Because if the minks are saved, then who knows what kind of disgusting acts of violence they would cause to our ecosystem. And our babies. Mostly our babies.

No don't be a mink activist. That is if you want your babies to live in a safe environment. Safe from the colossal and razor-sharp gnashers of evil mink bastards.
Minks terrify me. Fuck.

Why anyone would want to name their band 'Minks' is completely beyond me.
Unless it's a kind of subversive "fuck you" to governments (Australia) who won't act upon animals eating babies. Dingo to mink is only a short step in the grand scheme of what Darwin calls "his theory" and God calls "bullshit".

Minks the band however aren't really that dangerous at all. Unless you count listening to them a little too much dangerous (ha ha ha)
They released their first single Ophelia earlier this year and it proved to be pretty much awesome.

Now they've got a new single out called Cemetery Rain before they release the full length By The Hedge some time come January.

MINKS - Cemetary Rain by forcefieldpr

realised how easy it is to write a horribly prejudiced text and it scares me. I do apologise to all the minks whom this text offended.

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