Monday, 6 December 2010

Chrome Sparks

Sorry to keep anyone waiting for a new post, but I was on a boat. Enough said.

Today is independence day in Finland and pretty much the whole country'll be busy watching the president shake hands with a lot of Finns that I've never even heard of/seen before. And after 4 hours of hand-shaking they'll indulge in some rather un-cheeky dancing shenanigans.

I won't be watching that as:

A) I haven't got a TV
B) I don't really give a fuck

What I'll be doing instead is letting you know about Chrome Sparks and his single Wait For Hearbeats. Mainly what I'll let you know is that it is bloomin' "off the hook"

The two tracks on Wait For Hearbeats are two genuine electro heartthrobs that are really making my studying for exams hard.

The track called Our Love is Heartbeats, Our Love is Hot Beats already tells us what to expect from its title. And hot beats it duly delivers. Unfortunately there isn't a video to embed for hot beats so you're gonna get the chilled beauty of I'll Be Wait For Sadness Comes Along instead (I'm still trying to understand how that song title makes any sense)

It's available for "name your own price" on his (Jeremy Malvin) Bandcamp:

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