Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Duke Spirit

So The Duke Spirit are back with their new Kusama EP joining the (not so long yet) list of female vocal bands I'm glad to see make a return
-See earlier Those Dancing Days post-

They've been steadily giving away free mp3 tasters of their new release. A while back it was Everybody's Under Your Spell's turn to get shamelessly thrown into the midst of the internet wilderness but now if you head over to you'll get a free download of Villains which is so effing new that it hasn't even got a video yet.
Head on over and join the party. Tis a good one!

Oh yeah and The Duke Spirit are NOT to be mixed with The Delta Spirit. I know it's an easy mistake as both bands are proper good and all that.

I just off the top of my head made up a little rule to differentiate the bands and remember which one is which:

Duke Spirit: Dukes are usually dudes. Posh stuck-up dudes. Obviously The Duke Spirit has a bird (female) singing. They've done the old switch-a-rooney

Delta Spirit: Δ Delta's like a triangle right? Something witch-housers love using. Something that if turned upside down becomes . Right? Now correct me if I'm wrong but I once saw Tom Hanks show me what the mother of Jesus' child looks like and she looked a bit like .
Obviously The Delta Spirit aren't the mothers of Jesus' babies so they've done the whole switch-a-rooney too.


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