Saturday, 18 December 2010

Food Pyramid

Say hello to my new little friend. My new little friend's called Food Pyramid and Food Pyramid make THE MOST hypnotic and wonderfully repetetive progelectro (or maybe krautrock, who knows with all these genre names flying around).

Their debut album I starts off with the epic 18 minute long Sundance kid which maintains the same pulasting arp all throughout and brings in more and more until a vocal sample is brought into the midst (rare in Food Pyramid's case). The sample being Robert Wilson and Christopher Knowles' Sundance Kid is Beautiful.

In addition to the sometimes even lifeless pounding, Food Pyramid have found a striking balance by adding live elements such as saxophone, like on Speedboat Exit Miami Sunset. I was such a warm, thoroughly enjoyable affair that I can't wait to get my ears on their new record II, both released on Moon Glyph records

Speedboat Exit Miami Sunset from Allen Killian-Moore on Vimeo.

Here's another song called Southside Blacktop Beat:

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