Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Rough Trade Shops Electronic 11

The good people over at Rough Trade put together this interesting collection of various electronic artists. The only thing really connecting the 22 tunes on this record is that at some point someone on every track has most probably whipped out a synth/midi keyboard/sampler and started pounding away. Other than that there's no real theme to the compilation if you don't count being awesome as a recurring theme. Slightly less recognisable names (Prurient, Marcus Schmickler?) effortlessly side by side with some more "bigger" (Flying Lotus, Hercules & Love Affair) names.

If you fancy hearing what "bleep-bleep music" of 2011 sounded like through the ears of the the big dogs over at Rough Trade then this is the album for you. So you could buy it of course or because I'm a bit of a loser with not a lot going on for me right now I put them all (well most of them as not all were on Spotify) together as a playlist which you can listen to here

Rough Trade Electronic 11

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