Thursday, 19 January 2012

Temptation got the better of me

Having vowed to save up money for a little r&r trip to Mexico in the summer, going around spending all my money isn't exactly the best way to go about this task, but what can you really do when people keep waving shit like this in front of your face:

What is it? Well, nothing. Just a white label; but that crappy little picture represents something much, much more. 'Tis "only" the super-ultimate-incredible limited edition test pressing 12" of Bonobo's 'Kiara'.
If you're unfamiliar with Kiara, it's one of the finer tunes off Bonobo's very fine indeed 'Black Sands' album from a few years ago and it goes a little something like this

My shopaholism doesn't end there though. I thought I might as well, "while I'm here", preorder the new James Blake EP 'Love What Happened here'.
Like me, you might be pleased to hear the new EP, which is out on Belgian R&S Records, is a step away from the whiny albeit very good repetition of his LP and a step towards his previous releases such as 'CMYK' and 'Air & Lack Thereof' on R&S and Hemlock respectively. Good news, ya?

This is 'At Birth' off the new EP. Kind of reminds me of Caribou's 'Bowls'

  James Blake - At Birth by Le Conduit

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