Monday, 9 January 2012


I don't even know why I never posted Blondfire's first single "Where the Kids Are" when I heard it a few months back. What happened because I loved the song? They've got a great sound which should appeal to any fan of Dragonette or Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Anyway luckily they got back in touch with their new song "Walking With Giants" which is a great excuse to finally get round to showing them the love they much deserve.

Blondfire are a brother and sister duo. Don't you just love sibling bands? All that musical talent bursting out of just one womb. Brilliant. I mean think about it; for starters we've got the Jonas brothers and Hanson. I do often find myself asking: "What is it that makes sibling acts just so damn hot?"

This is Blondfire's new single "Walking With Giants"
  Walking With Giants by Blondfire

And for good measure, here's the first single "Where the Kids Are". Enjoy.

  WHERE THE KIDS ARE by Blondfire

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