Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hiatus & Shura

Yet another one, that's taken me ages to post. But now I'm back at uni I can use these computers.


Is this one of the best songs I've heard all year?
- Yes

Is this the kind of music I'd love to make if I were that way talented?
- Hell yes

Does this show that a dubstep influenced producer can work seamlessly with a singer-songwriter?
- It most definitely does. (if you perhaps weren't entirely convinced by James Blake & Bon Iver...)

Hiatus (Cyrus Shahard) released his debut album Ghost Notes last year and it featured this cracking tune which was released as a single this April on the 30th anniversary of the Brixton riots in London. It seems somewhat ironic that I heard his new track, his collaboration with songstress Shura (Aleksandra Denton), at roughly the same time as the latest London riots. New track Fortune's Fool isn't much of a political statement though. 'Tis a good old fashioned love song but, you know, with sexy beats and Shura's beautiful haunting vocals and guitar-work looped up and down and all around. Oh Yes.

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