Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fair Ohs - Pacific Rim

To celebrate the fact that today is the first time in two months that my new shitty little usb modem has picked up the 3G network I thought I'd write a post. For all you non tech-savvy folks like myself 3G means good happy times whereas 2G means punch-yourself-in-the-face frustration. Great to see I'm getting my money's worth.

Anyway, what would be a better way to return to the blog than long time AGDTC favorites Fair Ohs, who've now released a limited edition 7" recording of their early more garage punk style tunes called Pacific Rim. Most of the tunes here are rapidfire in-your-face energized frenzies which tend to clock in at just under 1 minute. See 'I'm A Woman, I'm Your Wife' (mp3)

Get the whole thing over at Tough Love Records

If you need convincing, the whole thing's up for listening on soundcloud this week.

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