Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Starsmith - Lesson One

Under Seige 2 was on TV last night but because I haven't got a TV (take note Finnish TV-licence inspectors and stop wasting your time) I couldn't watch Steven Seagal kick shit-loads of ass.

But as everyone rushed home from our football game in time to get in on that action, I remebered an e-mail I recieved from this dude with an incredibly similar name to Mr. Seagal telling me about Starsmith's new EP 'Lesson One' and how I should probably listen to it and that I should probably write about it on here.

Fair do's. This happened ages ago and since then the EP's already seen the light of day as it dropped on August 22nd but I'm still gonna get in on that action.

You might have heard of Starsmith before as he's been producing all sorts recently but perhaps what he's most known for is his work on a certain Ellie Goulding's debut album.

Now however it's time to spread your own wings Mr. Smith and get your own beats out there.

Starsmith - Lesson One by Vulture Music

Starsmith - Champion by Vulture Music

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