Thursday, 17 March 2011

Psychologist - Waves of Ok

A while ago I wrote about this amazing track Comes In Waves, by someone who goes by the moniker Psychologist, that was circulating the internet. Comes in Waves has pretty rapidly become my favourite song of the year and it was getting a bit annoying just always popping over to vimeo or youtube or whatever to listen to it, for the simple reason that it just wasn't anywhere else on the web.

Comes in Waves by psychologistmusic

Now, ahead of its physical release, the whole Waves of Ok EP is available on itunes or if you're skint and just want to hear what the hell it is I'm so worked up about then Psychologist's got the whole thing uploaded on his soundcloud page.

Waves of OK EP by psychologistmusic

Seriously this IS (one of) the most amazing thing(s) you'll hear all year

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